MET205 Material Science

Lab Report Format

Lab report should include the following:

    1. Objective of the experiment(s). (Why the experiment is conducted)
    2. List of equipment used for the experiment(s).
    3. Procedure. (Explain how Brinell and Rockwell Tests are performed. Include explanation on how the Rockwell machines are calibrated by using standard samples)
    4. Lab data (Should include the hardness readings, scales, major load and type of penetrator used. Also include the indentation size for Brinell and conversion of scales ; tensile strength of steel samples wherever required)

The cover page of the report should include the Title of the experiment (Hardness Test); group members' names; name of the course (MET205 Material Science) and the date the report is due (February 22, 2000).

The report must be typed (Handwritten reports will not be accepted).

All lab reports are due one week after the experiment is conducted. Late reports will not be accepted