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Article I: Name

This student organization shall be known as the Architectural Construction Technology Group using the acronym A.C.T. Group.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to advance the knowledge of the architectural, engineering and construction fields through collective involvement and self determination of the members of this club. This shall be done by means of:
1. Organizing club trips to architectural, engineering and construction sites.
2. Sponsoring lectures given by professionals in the architectural, engineering and construction fields.
3. Holding social events that provide the exchange of information and ideas in the architectural, engineering and construction fields.
4. Organizing study and exam review secessions for members of the club.
5. Acceptance of all additional ideas for the progress of the club.

Article III: Eligibility for Membership

Section 1.
Any student in good academic standing, as outlined in the SGA Handbook showing a genuine interest in the architectural, engineering and construction fields.
Section 2.
All full time students who are members of the club in good standing are eligible to vote at all club meetings and may hold elected club office. Part time students may be members of the club but are not eligible to hold office.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1.
There shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and SGA Liaison. The Secretary, Treasurer and SGA Liaison may be combined into one position.
Section 2.
Only students who have successfully completed one semester and those in good academic standing are eligible to hold office.
Section 3.
No nominee shall be permitted to accept a nomination for officer if they do not possess the following:
1. Must be a full time student in good academic standing.
2. Must have committed no violations as to proper observance of club or university rules and regulations.
Section 4.
All qualifications of nominees shall be submitted to present membership and an election shall be conducted by closed ballot. A majority vote shall constitute the election of the organization. A quorum must be present. In the event of a tie occurring between two candidates receiving the most votes, a second ballot shall be taken. The election of officers shall be in succession and not simultaneous.
Section 5.
Elections shall be held every spring semester in April for the following fall club officers. In the event elections are not held during the spring semester for the following fall, the Faculty Advisor from the spring semester may act ex-officio to organize club elections in the fall.

Article V: Duties and Responsibilities of Officers and Members

Section 1. President
The President's duties shall be:
1. To Prepare the agenda and preside over all meetings.
2. To see that the faithful execution of all rules and regulations of the club are carried out.
3. To call any special meetings as may be necessary.
4. To appoint one member to the chairmanship of each of the standing committees.
5. To appoint any such special committees as shall be necessary.
Section 2. Vice President
The Vice President's duties shall be:
1. To serve in the absence of the President, performing the duties of that office.
2. To perform or assist within the duties of the President when he deems it necessary to require such action.
Section 3. Secretary
The Secretary's duties shall be:
1. To keep an exact account of the proceedings of all meetings of the club and of the executive committee.
2. To keep a record of the members and attendance of the club.
3. To take care of all correspondence work of the club.
4. Post notifications of all club meetings in accordance with SAO and SGA rules and regulations.
Section 4. Treasurer
The Treasurer's duties shall be:
1. Be responsible for all club funds, receipts and disbursements, in accordance with all SAO and SGA rules and regulations.
2. Disbursements of moneys only when the club has taken action to this effect and when the President acting in accordance with the executive power, orders the Treasurer to do so, in conjunction with the faculty advisor.
3. To keep an exact account for all receipts and disbursements.
4. To be responsible for giving a financial report at any time.
Section 5. SGA Liaison
The SGA Liaison's duties shall be:
1. To coordinate all club activities with the SAO and SGA.
2. To advise the club on all rules, regulations, notices, meetings and other activities taking place in the SAO and SGA.
Section 6. Term of Office
The term of office shall be one academic year.
Section 7. Impeachment
Officers, members and faculty can bring charges against any officer failing to hold his position with competence. A hearing shall be held one week after charges have been brought against such officer. The club officer charged will be judged by the members of the club and the faculty advisor. A two thirds majority vote by the members present is required to remove and expel an officer from the position held. A quorum must be present in order for this proceeding to take place.
Section 8. Members
Members shall be required to:
1. Attend all regular and special meetings unless excused by valid reason by the President.
2. Serve on any committee to which appointed by the President.
3. Carry out the intents and purpose of Article II to the best of their ability.
4. Members may be dropped from the club roster of club members in good standing for poor attendance as set by he executive board.

Article VI: Responsibilities of Officers Leaving the Club

The members of the club who are graduating from the College shall give to the newly elected officers, in April, all correspondence, receipts, class programs, progress reports and whatever else may be considered necessary to the welfare and successful functioning of the club.

Article VII: Faculty Advisor

The student club shall have a faculty members as an advisor. The advisor must be a full time faculty member in the Department of Construction and Architectural Engineering Technology at SUNY Farmingdale. The faculty advisor is to serve in the capacity of honorary member and advisor only and shall fulfill the duties as required in the constitution and in accordance with SAO and SGA rules and regulations. The faculty advisor shall be elected by the members of the club and is not elegible to vote on club matters. The club may have more than one faculty advisor.

Article VIII: Standing Committees

Section 1.
The President shall appoint members of the club to chairmanships of each committee listed in Article III. The chair of each committee may choose the members of such committees from the club's members at large.
Section 2.
The committee shall convene at least once each month and shall be responsible for giving a report at any time.
Section 3.
The duties of the following standing committee shall be as follows:
1. The Executive Committee:
a. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the club and the faculty advisor.
b. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to see to all business of the club not otherwise provided for.
2. The Election Committee:
a. The Election Committee shall consist of the President, the Secretary and two members of the club as designated by the President.
b. It shall be the duty of the Election Committee to issue ballots and count votes.
Section 4.
It shall be the privilege of any member of the club to present suggestions in writing to the Election Committee.

Article XI: Meetings

Section 1.
Meetings of the club shall be held at least twice a month. A majority of the members in good standing will constitute a quorum. A quorum should be required at all meetings. All meetings will be scheduled through the SAO.
Section 2.
Special meetings shall be called at any time by the President provided adequate notice is given to all members of the club.
Section 3.
The Executive Committee shall meet for transactions of special business at the call of the President.
Section 4.
All other committees shall meet as shown in the constitution.

Article X: Amendments to the Constitution

Section 1.
Amendments to this constitution may be proposed at any regular meeting.


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