Aircraft and Training Devices
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Single-Engine Aircraft

Multi-Engine Aircraft

Piper PA44-180 Seminole

For our Multi-Engine program the school operates a PA44-180 Seminole, Piper Seminolealso purchased new in 2003. Transition to this aircraft from the Arrow and Warriors is almost seamless. The flight characteristics of the Seminole are very similar to the Arrow. It has state of the art avionics, including autopilot, flight director and GPS navigation capability. With this aircraft you will practice simulated engine failures, as well as single engine approaches and landings.



Lycoming O-360 & LO-360, 180 hp @ 2700 RPM


Hartzell HC-C2YK, constant-speed

Fuel Capacity

108 Gallons

Max Takeoff Weight

3800 lbs

Standard Empty Weight

2640 lbs

Training Devices


Personal Computer Aviation Training Device
PCATDOur PCATDs are FAA approved for use in our Private, Instrument and Multi-Engine courses. The PCATD is a very valuable tool in teaching radio navigation, instrument procedures, and multi engine procedures. The system allows for the instructor to "back up" and review instantly any maneuver or procedure that the student may have difficulty with. It is a time and money saver for the student and allows the student to better understand before he climbs into and airplane.


Flight Training Device
FRASCA FTD 142The Frasca 142 is a flight training device that simulates the flight deck environment of both the Piper Warrior and the Seminole.  A widescreen TV in front of the windshield realistically displays a wide variety of environmental parameters; day/night, rain, thunderstorms, low ceilings, etc.  The control response of the FTD is similar to that of the actual aircraft.  The avionics also duplicate the avionics of the actual aircraft, including a Garmin 430 GPS navigator.  The instructor can simulate a wide variety of situations ranging from rapidly changing weather to systems malfunctions.   Like the PCATD, this allows the student to get up to speed on instrument procedures before getting into the actual aircraft.

Avionics Training

Garmin Simulator
The Garmin Desktop simulator is a training device that simulates the Garmin GPS Nav/Comm unit GNS430 found in the Piper Warrior, Arrow, and the Seminole.  This software allows the student to get up to speed on procedures before getting into the actual aircraft.

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