Aviation Center FAQ's:
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When can I start flying?

What is the cost of tuition?

How do I get in-state tuition?

How much does each flight course cost?

How do we pay for the flight Aero Fee?

How do I register for flying?

I am enrolled in a flight course. When does my flying have to be completed?

I already have a pilot certificate; can I receive credit?

Who provides the flight training at Farmingdale State College?

What about citizenship & TSA requirements?

Do I need an FAA medical certificate to enroll in the aviation program?

How do I get an FAA medical certificate?

When should I apply for my FAA medical certificate?

What if I already have a third class medical certificate? Do I need to get a first class certificate?

Could I be denied a medical certificate?

Will my flight training be changed for inclement weather or maintenance cancellations?

What about the airspace & weather?

Why do I have to maintain an 80% grade average?

Can I miss class to go flying?

I've never been in a small airplane? What do you suggest?

Can my parent/guardian or roommate participate with me on a flight lesson?

What about the FAA Written Test? Do you know where I take that test ? How much does it cost?

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